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~ Empowering YOU to connect with your own Divine Support Team ~

 Welcome to Willow Pond & The Intuitive Circle 

Here begins and continues your path of experiencing health, wealth and happiness in meaningful work, relationships, and in mind, body and soul.

It is my profound joy to help you facilitate and nurture your natural ability to create and experience joy, peace and love on a daily basis.

Whether your needs are answers to specific questions, getting clear on life path or purpose, knowing the next step on your path, or to bring peace and healing to a relationship, I invite you to allow yourself to be helped. You are not alone. You are surrounded by many people, Angels, Spirit Guides and Divine Beings who want to help you. Be open, ask for what you want, expect to receive it, and be thankful for the guidance and support you will receive. 

My mission is my work which is:

I serve you so that you cultivate and grow onto your own true path towards enthusiastic peace.  Peace on Earth, one person at a time, teaching what has worked for me and sharing with others so that together we raise the vibration of the planet to one of compassion, presence, courage, love and JOY!  

 The Divine Source from which all life flows and to which all life flows, has designed you to experience only love, peace, joy and fulfillment.

It is understood that we, as human beings, need someone occasionally to help us get to a more peaceful and loving state. That is when the teachers appear.  If you check in with your heart and spirit and sense that I can help you along your path, I invite you to contact me. 

By the grace of the Divine, I have many gifts, abilities and wisdom to share with you.  Our helping each other brings the planet into a more harmonious vibration, which stimulates more loving and nurturing actions by people toward people, people towards animals, people towards the environment and the planet. 

By you following your bliss and beginning to take care of yourself, you directly affect the outcome of the planet and its people in the most positive manner.  Blessings to you, dear one. I look forward to working with you.




 Stop in this moment.

Feel the Divine planet supporting your feet, your body, your lungs, your breath.  

See yourself connected to this lovely planet in the most intimate manner.

You grow out of the earth, you are supported by the earth, you express the divine elements while walking your path on this earth.  

Bless you.  

You are loved, safe and supported at all times.  See that truth.  

Expect the best.

Loving Who You Are,  


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The Intuitive Circle 
Third Thursdays  for Community~Education~Practice
The Intuitive Circle has a great line up of guest speakers.
All lectures and workshops held at the Olympic Unitarian 
Universalists Fellowship Hall at 73 Howe Road, 
between Sequim and Port Angeles in Agnew.  
TIME:  6-8pm
Cost:  Suggested donation of $5-$20 

Allan and Marie-Claire in Washington State on a hike

About Me:
I am living an abundant, happy, joy filled life.  My gratitude is overflowing and I am compelled to give back to this planet, its people and animals. 

My goal is to help create world peace one person at a time, beginning with myself, then teaching others to find that peace and send it rippling out into and through this Earth so that our air, water, plants, animals, people, and soil can express pure and full potential. That we may all have the everyday experience of joy, peace, friendliness, opportunity, hope, gratitude, and love.

This is VERY POSSIBLE. I am living proof. Many people are living in this state of love, gratitude, joy and you can too. You are designed by the Universe, our Divine Creator to express your life in this way.  You have all you need.  Sometimes, we need a teacher, mentor, helper to remind our soul, our subconscious, our deep Self to wake up and release the ego mind that keeps us trapped into believing that all we see is all there is. Ego would have us believe that all resources and access to all things good are limited. This not true. There are no limits except what we create in our own perception.

The beauty is that all of the wonderful aspects of life are unlimited and available.  There is no lack.   All you can imagine- IS.  I can help you help yourself.  You can help You.  By you finding this site, your Soul, your Higher Self, is nudging you to listen to your heart.  I encourage you to listen that inner guide.

You may have me work with you over the phone or in person.  Please see my offerings listed under services. Or, you may click on the services button up above.

Many thanks and blessings to you, dear one, as you visit The Willow Pond.  Enjoy your stay, come back often, look for seminars, classes and other services that will help you create your own sacred space for health, wealth and happiness.

If you have any wonderings or questions please email me:
If you would like an opportunity at a free reading or consultation please sign up under the 'contact  us' page or click the button above.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to share my work with you.

Enjoy this moment.  Breathe and name three things you are grateful for.  Good.  Now breathe again and on the exhale release the sound, "AAAHHHH."  This sound soothes the nervous system and opens the heart center.   Remember to breathe, name outloud things you are grateful for.  We have so much abundance all around us.  We experience grace all the time.  Please begin to notice those miracle moments of grace in your daily life, and you will begin to notice and experience more and more.

 Love and Blessings to you dear one,

Marie-Claire Bernards


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Our Location and Purpose:

On the beautiful and majestic Olympic Peninsula between Port Angeles and Sequim Washington, there is a retreat that feeds the mind, body and soul.  Willow Pond Consulting and Intuitive Development Center offers support and educational opportunities to those in the Psychic Arts and those looking to begin working and healing in the intuitive and psychic arts. The Olympic Peninsula, including Port Angeles, Sequim, Port Townsend, Forks, Quilicene, Brinnon, Hood Canal, Silverdale, and Poulsbo are geographically located in an area which stimulates and soothes the intuitive abilities and the spiritual, physical, mental and emotional bodies of clients and students.

Our lovely location, on the Scenic Loop between Port Angeles and Sequim, on the Olympic Peninsula is in a meadow surrounded by trees and filled with moving water and flowers.  At the foot of the Olympic Mountains and close to the Discovery Trail(for walking, running and biking)and the Olympic Mountains filled with hiking trails.  Willow Pond Consulting and Intuitive Development Center is founded specifically for those experienced and beginner intuitives and healers looking to further their education, find a comfortable and psychic friendly atmosphere and retreat.  Here the Intuitive, Psychic, Healer, Metaphysician can find a learning space that meets their specific needs for body, mind and soul. 

Willow Pond Consulting and Intuitive Development Center offers Professional Development Classes and therapeutic sessions to those in the Intuitive and Psychic Arts, as well as Energy Medicine, Reiki, Massage, Reflexology, Crystal Healing, Angelic Therapeutic Healing, Music Therapy, Aromotherapy, all in a setting that calms, restores, and transforms stress to rejuvination.

We welcome you to Willow Pond Consulting and Intuitive Development Center on the beautiful Olympic Peninsula between Port Angeles and Sequim.  Designed for the Professional, as well as the beginner student in the Psychic Arts and Metaphysics to connect with their Divine Support Team and receive support and nurturing.  

Blessings, Love and Light,
Rev. Marie-Claire Bernards, M.Ed
Willow Pond Consulting and
Intuitive Development Center

Find Beauty and Freedom in this Moment. Breathe.

Stop. Just stop for this moment. Breathe. Say outloud three things that you are grateful for.

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